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Thread: Panther problem

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    Panther problem
    I have been operating osx 10.3.1 on my iMac G3 for a few weeks with no major problems.
    However, one thing does frustrate me.
    In my system preferences window I cannot access "desktop/screensaver". Every other icon shown allows access except for the aforementioned.

    I have done an archive install with no change in the screensaver/desktop accessibility.

    All upgrades are up to date.

    Any thoughts as to how I can make this preerence operational.

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    I recently had a problem. fast user switching didnt work for me. after spending 1 hr on the phone with apple, we fixed it.

    we re-installed using the "archive and install" option.

    fixed it. you may want to try that. cant hurt.

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    by reinstall, I meant that I reinstalled osx, panther.

    just wanted to clarify that.

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