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    Dual 2.3 > Dual Core 2.0?
    :p Bought a 2.3Ghz DP PowerMac last month (Sept 7th) and Apple just released their new kit with PCIe and DDR2. PCIe is my main motivaion at the moment for thinking of 'switching'.

    My PM 2.3 has 1.5Gb of RAM and a GeForce 6800 GT. I was thinking of ebaying it (actually i might already have sold it) and then putting the money to a Dual Core 2.0 system with PCIe/DDR2 ect (spec it up a little of course) and i dont lose any money and gain PCIe so i can add a nice 7800GTX when im a bit richer

    Does this make sense? Im thinking that the Dual Core 2.0 should be just as good as the Dual Processor 2.3Ghz with it being on the die and not two seperate units.


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    This is a hotly contested issue for sure.

    IMO, the Dual 2.3 will beat the Dual-core 2.0, whether a Dual-core 2.3 will match up is as yet not quite know.

    However from what I have heard from video editing professionals (Apple accredited Video Solutions experts), the performance of the Dual core 2.3 to the Dual-processor 2.3 is certainly the same, with one saying that it was discernably faster when using Final Cut Pro on the dual-core 2.3s. This may be to do with the new DDR-2 memory architecture, amongst other changes beyond the transition from 970FX to 970MP.

    Whether you wish to go from the PCI-X based Dual 2.3 to a PCI-E DualCore 2.0 is a matter of whether the drop in performance is a big one or not, and whether you could accept that for the gains in PCI express compatibility, faster RAM etc.

    Personally, if I had a Dual 2.3, I'd ideally want the Dual-core 2.3, but then it is a case of what you appreciate most.

    You can read more here: (there are other bits in the post but you should be able to pick out the dual-core vs. dual-processor arguments)

    As for the 'Quad-Core' G5 vs. Dual-processor G5 2.7; I have no comments from anyone as no one I have contacts with has used one, I do know that the video guys are very happy with the Dual-core systems they have seen (2.0s and 2.3s) and view them as a decent upgrade.

    Vicky :flower:

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    I've read a recent review that the new dual core 2.3Ghz beats the previous dual 2.5Ghz models by a slight margin. I dont know if its true for the DC 2.0 vs. D2.3 matchup though.

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    What do you do with your PowerMac? If the tasks you perform are memory or graphics intensive, then the new PowerMac will perform better for your situation. If processing power is what you need, then the dual processor system you have right now will be faster.
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