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    Found a beige G3 in the dumpster.
    I just found a beige g3 out by the trash at my work. I brought it inside, and plugged it in. It booted to a flashing question mark. Upon further inspection, I discovered it doesn't have a hard drive. I've got a hard drive I can throw in there, but I don't have any software for it. What would I need to get this guy running again? Can I find the software for free? Which OS can I run on it?

    How should I format the drive before I put it in?

    It's a 266Mhz, 512k cache
    96MB RAM / 24x CD / Zip Drive / AV in/out

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    I would not load nothing later than OS 10.1.5. I have a beige G3 233Mhz, with 384 Mb of memory. I place an 40Gb disk drive in it also. Mac )S 9.2.2 would run very well on that system.

    As for geting software, you can download and of the OS 9 and earlier from the Apple site. OS X, you cabn get the updates, but I am not sure of the bases OS.

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