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Thread: Late 2006 RAM upgrade problem, helped needed!

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    Late 2006 RAM upgrade problem, helped needed!
    Trying to put my RAM in 17" late 2006 iMac (Intel), but the lever is blocked by this silver thingy?

    What should I do? Take the whole thing apart? Is it safe to cut? What does it do? See photo

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    It looks to me that the "silver thing" is supposed to go all the way around the perimeter of the ram access area. Looks like it came loose, and it also looks like this iMac may have been taken apart previously & this loose "cushioning strip" is now out of place.

    I'm guessing that the "silver thing" is a fabric like material...and is very you could just flip it up out of the way of the ram release lever (push the lever all the way in, flip the fabric up, release the ram lever out).

    I would say just cut/trim this loose fabric material...but without inspecting it personally (to make sure it is just fabric) I'm not going to say 100% you could cut it.

    If you look at it carefully...this fabric material goes around the perimeter of the ram opening/access area...and so it probably serves as a cushioning/anti vibration material between the parts (no rattling). And like I mentioned looks like this material became loose & is now out of place.

    Thanks for the photo...that helps a lot!

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    You couldn't just lift the ribbon over the lever? The entire inside is covered with an electrostatic foil shield, and this could be a piece of it. If it is, just cut it away as it isn't serving any purpose hanging there.

    Taking the cover off an older iMac is a PITA.

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