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Thread: Deleted large email account from iMac mailbox, but it's still eating up startup disk

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    Deleted large email account from iMac mailbox, but it's still eating up startup disk
    Hello Everyone,

    Last week, once my new Imac which I'd only had for 2 weeks, at that time, started running slow, I decided to delete my largest email account from the mailbox app. I've had it for several years and it's ridiculously large, so I thought that perhaps it was slowing down my computer, as it had my smartphone. With the use of a disk inventory app, I've discovered, that's exactly the cause for my new iMac being slow to process and react.

    Today I ran it for the first time so that it could show me how all of my disk usage is being designated. I was extremely surprised to find that mail messages are taking up 747.9 GB of my startup disk space! I was further surprised that my only email account that would have anything close to that stored in it, was the one I deleted last week. So why are it's contents still eating up almost my entire TB of disk space? I thought when I deleted the email account from the mailbox app, that everything within it, would be gone too. Please direct me on what other parts of my iMac that I need to access in order to make this dreadful email account and all of it's contents truly go away.

    I prefer not to get rid of the account from the google system, since I have bill payments attached to it and some other important notifications. Unless of course, only as a last resort. But is the only way to remedy my iMac troubles, by totally deleting the account from google?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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    If the message data base is still intact (it must be to show that much space used) you should be able to find out exactly where it is from the disk inventory application. Which disk inventory application are you using?

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    Hi there. I'm using Disk Inventory X and as I mentioned earlier, it is states that 747.9 GBs of startup disk space is being taken up by mail messages. So although this app was helpful in showing me where my free space has gone, I don't think it provides a way to delete all of that email content from my startup disk. How would I go about doing that?

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    YAAAAYYY!!! I figured it out! I understood your question better once I went back to the disk inventory results. I realized that I had forgotten, that in my menu bar at the top of the screen, there would be options there to choose from. Instead, since I'm so used to working on PCs, I was looking for an option to delete the files, within the app window.


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