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Thread: Video input for new 27" iMac?

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    Video input for new 27" iMac?
    My cousin has the newest 27" iMac and she just got an Apple TV. I was wondering if she'd be able to hook up her Apple TV through her iMac with some HDMI adapter since she doesn't have a TV. I don't live really close to her so I can't really examine what ports are on it, but from Apple's website, it mentions a mini display port even though the picture of the ports doesn't show any. Just wondering if anyone knew if an Apple TV could be hooked up through it. Thanks. P.S. - I know she can probably get the same effect by just using her iMac to watch movies, but that's not what she wants to do.
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    The 27" iMac has two Thunderbolt ports which are backward compatible with the Mini Display Port. She may be able to attach the Apple TV directly to her iMac with the proper cable and adapter but I don't know that for sure. The Apple TV only has an HDMI output connector which supports both video and sound.

    See this LINK for an overview.

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