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    Jun 23, 2011
    Switching from AT&T u-verse internet to DSL high speed to watch TV with IMac G4
    we signed up for u-verse TV and internet plus phone with AT&T and we're getting ripped off!

    Our internet speed with the U-verse is not so quick. The videos, even with a simple tv video is slow as molasses.

    Now, we have a bigger problem with the TV, and I'm considering getting a Roku unit, from Radio Shack, to run the TV with and get good internet speed, once we switch to DSL.

    Our, we could go back to Comcast, for our internet. That was slow but it worked at least, and the customer service was better.
    our TV only worked for one short hour on our main TV which is a big 27 inch TV in the family room.
    Now we're stuck having to watch cable on a tiny little 9 inch tv in a little den, which ain't pleasant, the family cannot all squish into a little den, there's hardly any chairs in there.
    We tried to contact AT&T both via phone and the internet chat session, and not one single CSR would help us, after 5 long hours. We were up from 10 pm, right after the u-verse TV quit, to 3 am, trying to get some help!
    Then we went back to the AT&T store and told them the trouble we were having and they put us on the phone with a AT&T customer service supervisor and that woman told us they would charge us at least $55 just to come to our home, knock on our door, to fix whatever problem u-verse tv was giving us!
    So, it seems obvious it's going to be a expensive proposition to keep with AT&T, with their u-verse service....and maybe now, even their internet service too, as it's slow..
    I could go with Comcast and get their internet, which is broadband for only $20 for 6 months with no contract, which I like..

    I also need wifi, since we did buy a smart phone, from AT&T and we need that WiFi, to use our phone at home, otherwise, we pay big bucks on Data usage!

    So.. has anyone used the Roku, device, for their Imac, a G4 and had good results from it, getting TV on their computer?

    I found this info on another website, so I'll do a C&P and see if anyone's had any luck with this device for their Mac, and if the service, i.e. reception for the TV and perhaps the internet was worth the cost of the unit.
    I'll need a modem too from Radio Shack, which will cost $110 altogether, but it's gonna be costing at least $115 a month to stay with AT&T.

    i also cannot keep much of a charge on our Iphone... it doesn't stay charged well, for very long, even though we're plugging it into the wall.
    It's a Iphone G3..
    Anyone know of some good website for the iphone G3 too, they didn't teach me much at all about the phone, when I bought it.
    I'm shocked at how the AT&T is handling their U-verse service and how shoddy the service is to their brand new customers too!

    So, I'm pretty fed up

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    Jun 23, 2011
    Also am thinking seriously of getting Netflix, which has many movies and tv shows, which I love to watch....

    What kind of equipment does one need to get online with Netflix?

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