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    I never installed any backup / external drive for my iMac. What is the simplist way to do this? I just don't want to lose my iPhoto and iTunes library. I also have several document folders. I want fast, reliable, simple backup. Could you be specific with what external drive you recommend. Please guide me.

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    The easiest way to backup your iMac is to use Time Machine. Any good quality external hard drive can be used. Generally, you'll need a hard drive at least the same size or larger than the drive you have in your iMac.

    The external drive will have to be formatted to the Mac standard file system which is Mac OS Extended Journaled. See the following Apple KB instructions regarding Time Machine. LINK

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    If you are buying the drive, you can get them pre-formatted for the mac and then it is truly plug and play. I bought Western Digital, but they are all about the same. Consider getting a firewire drive so it doesn't take up a USB port. Usually the firewire drives are both FW and USB.

    Plug in the drive to the Mac
    Check in the finder that it was recognized
    Go to System Preferences
    Select Time Machine
    Select the new drive as the destination
    Turn it on

    I'm not oversimplifying this.
    I assume you are running at least leopard?

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    Another question along this line I have a mid 2010 21" imac and 2011 13" macbook pro, can you use 1 external drive to backup both? Also both machines are running Lion and most files are duplicated on both, will either machine work as a backup for the other? Like the OP I have never had an external drive and no experience with time machine

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