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    Question Some strange usb junk be goiní on wit my mac mini yo....
    I MADE THE SWITCH, I bought a Mac Mini, and I'm very pleased. Everything is working great. Still, I have one very small problem that doesn't make sense to me. When i plug a USB flash drive into my apple keyboard hub, I get a low power warning and i'm told that their is not enough power to power the USB device...

    "The USB device cannot operate because it needs more power than is available.
    To correct this problem you can:
    1) Plug the device into an electrical outlet if it has a power cord.
    2) Unplug the device and plug it into another USB port on your computer or other device that is plugged into a power cord."

    Ok, that makes sense to me, but here's what doesn't, when i plug the same flash drive into another usb hub (non-powered), and plug that hub into the keyboard hub everything works fine. Why is it that I can only use the flash drive through another hub? Once again, the non-powered hub is plugged into the keyboard.

    Hope I made that clear, thanks in advance for any help.

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    Does anyone have a clue what's wrong, I'd really like to plug my flash drives directly into the keyboard. I also can't plug my game controller into the keyboard (also for power reasons) but it works fine in the hub. Why can't i get those ports to work on their own?

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    a lot of the time when you daisy chain a usb device (eg. usb keyboard plugged into computer and then usb device plugged into keyboard) you might not have enough power to run the device. but then again everything works with your non-powered hub??

    i'd say to just use your nonpowered hub from the keyboard because it appears you have a few usb devices you use. so then you dont have to worry about plugging in everything

    also dont lose faith in macs (i saw your post in another thread) all electronics and computers sometimes have quirks with them...something gets installed wrong, you need to repair your permissions and do some other disk utiility stuff every so often...

    check out the 'basic os x troubleshooting' thread in the OSX section of the forums and run some of the stuff suggested in the posts like repair permissions etc...
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