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    Mac Mini 2.26Ghz 8GB RAM
    Mac Mini 2010 or 2011, Snow Leopard or Lion
    I have a Mac Mini 2.26Ghz 2GB RAM (late 2009) and want to buy a newer model. The RAM is not enough because I run Parallels with Windows XP, I'm not confident doing it myself and it costs a lot to get someone to do it.

    The latest Mac Mini 2.4Ghz is supposed to be fast but it comes with Lion which is RAM-heavy and has nothing in it that I want. I'm more than happy with Snow Leopard. It also seems to be more reliant on a good connection. Even though Lion would come installed, if I needed to re-install it with Internet Recovery I assume that would require a good Internet connection and living out in the sticks as I do, my connection is appalling. And while I use Parallels and require extra RAM (easily installed), my usage on the computer is primarily for writing/word processing (Scrivener with Word 2003 on Parallels as well as other Windows editing packages) so I wonder whether I need a much faster processor.

    The alternative is to buy one of the last 2010 Mac Minis floating around which would obviously give me the Snow Leopard I love, the opportunity to increase RAM for Parallels, access to a DVD drive, the ability to reinstall Snow Leopard without need for a good Internet access . . . but with a slower processor. My 2009 Mac Mini is terribly slow at opening Word files on Parallels but I assume that's due to a lack of RAM rather than processor speed. I can only allocate 500MB RAM to Windows XP.

    Sorry this is slow winded. I'm just asking for opinion on which way to go to best suit my needs, grabbing an older Mac Mini 2010 or going for Lion and the new 2011 Mac Mini. What do people think?

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    Get the new model.
    Installing ram in the new models is easy, you can do it no problem. Buy with 2 gigs and then buy 8 gigs and install it. Don't worry about lion.

    Or pay someone to install more ram in the old mini.

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