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    Mouse Response Issues
    Ok so I finally did "Go Mac" after years of self depricating PC use and I must say I am still being held at bay, just inches away from what I KNOW is a life changing experience.

    So here is my problem.

    "I have a PowerMac G5 Desktop system"

    My mouse is seriously slow in response to my commands (movements)
    I looked in the obvious place (system preferences) at the mouse and keyboard settings.
    of course I always use the highest tracking speed but I even played around with that for a bit, but the mouse (standard mac issue - Model M5769) still responds slowly.

    its really tough to explain but lets say I am just trying to get to a menu item, I move the mouse and sometimes it skips over it and I have to slowly drag back. It just takes too much effort to get to where I want to be.

    So I went out to my friendly Apple store and bought a better mouse.
    This time I got the Apple Wireless Mouse Model Number: A1015 EMC No: 1938 and guess what?
    Yeah same problem.
    I spoke to the rep in the store but he really could not help me.

    Has anyone else had this problem, or heard of it.
    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    I'm stumped

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    Thanks Badger.
    That download certainly did speed up the mouse and I like that.
    But it didnt really solve my problem.

    I think a better description of my problem is that the mouse moves like the underside of the mouse is dirty or the mouse pad is dirty but neither is the case.

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    Optical mice - at least the ones I've used - seem to dislike mouse pads. All my optical mice (1 Apple, 1 Targus and 2 Logitech) are used directly on the desktops. I've found that a plain, non-textured surface seems to work best for me.

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    download usb overdrive. This will help you disable the acceleration system of the mouse on the mac. your mouse will be much smoother.

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