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    Imac Audio Speaker Problem

    I have an IMAC INDIGO 500mhz G3

    There is only sound coming out the right speaker...I went into the Audio controls in System Preferences (Did not work)...

    The sound (Audio) is very clear in the Right Speaker...I also tried the Headphones...Both left and right speakers work (using headphones)...

    Could there be a wire or loose connection on the motherboard...Or is the Left Speaker blown?....Since IMAC's look difficult to disassemble...I thought I'd ask to see if this problem is common wiith other IMAC users....

    I just purchsed the IMAC used so I don't know when the Left Speaker stopped working...Are the speakers hard to replace?...Other than this slight problem the IMAC works excellent....


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    From what you describe, it is very possible the speaker is shot.
    Contrary to their appearance, G3 iMacs are not all that difficult to take apart. Still, doing so probably won't do much good in this situation. If you really want stereo sound with your iMac, I would suggest either using headphones or some other external speaker source.
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    The speakers use snap connectors so it is unlikely that it is a loose connection. If you want to check here is a take-apart guide: Follow the first steps to remove the plastic bottom; once that is off you can check the speakers without going further. Given that the internal speakers were not the greatest I would use external speakers. You'll get a major increase in quality at a low cost. (I used to do services at schools; in these models it was not unusual to see speakers that had been punctured by a paperclip.)

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    Thank you for re-plying and great advice...As I look at the does look punctured...I did a quick search on E-bay...there are replacements (Harmon Kardon) they are very cheap....I'll probably hook up external speakers....Out of curiosity I may replace the blown one anyway...I'd like to have it 100% functional...


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    I found a site with a link for the service manual in pdf. In the manual there is a section on replacing the speakers. It's here: Go to the iMac & eMac section; it's the third one listed. It's a slow download but worthwhile. Only the first and third links in the iMac section are active. Unfortunately many of the links on this site are dead, otherwise it could benefit a lot of users.

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    Great Information...


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    I took the bottom part off the IMAC to look at the speaker ...there were two small loose screws sticking to the inside of the speaker enclosure....Where the speaker is magnatized the screws stuck to the speaker...causing no sound....Now the speaker works great....very strange how this happened....Anyway, everything works good now.....THANKS EVERYONE FOR COMMENTING AND THE HELPFUL INFO...


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