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    freeze after sleep problem
    I have problems with my intell iMac freezing shortly after coming out of sleep mode, and then freezing again shortly after a hard reboot. After rebooting a third time, the freezing problem goes away completely until the computer goes into sleep mode again. I don't see the hanging spinning beach ball. I have seconds turned on, on the digital clock at the top of the screen; the seconds display freezes when the computer freezes. The mouse cursor, however, works. Otherwise, the keyboard, and the rest of the computer are totally unresponsive until I do a hard reboot by holding in the power buttton.

    I had this problem every once in a while using Snow Leopard. I installed Lion, and I now have this problem every time it goes into sleep mode. I've applied all of the usual fixes: repaired permissions, verified disk, ran hardware check (everything reported OK) reinstalled the OS, tried troubleshooting with removing peripherals, resetting PRAM and SMC. I have tried to turn off "put hard drive sleep when possible" in energy saver system preferences. I have not found a solution.

    I did contact Apple about this, and they sent me software to capture log data, and I sent the data back to them. I have not yet heard back.

    Has anyone had a similar problem? Did you find a solution?

    thanks, Kevin

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    My guess would be bad RAM off the top of my head.

    But the log would help.
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    How would I tell that it is bad RAM from the log?

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