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    G4 Cube Wont Boot From OSX Disk
    Hi there
    I recently bought a g4 apple cube that was having kernel panics. I saved it by removing the 3 random sticks of memory it had and just having the one 512mb stick
    It boots fine into OS10.2 everytime now.
    My problem is though the previous owner set an admin password that he cant remember.
    Normally not a problem, but i cant get it to boot from the OSX disk i have.
    I have reset the PRAM and tried to boot from my Panther disks from my mini/g5 imac and also my tiger disk
    It seems to be ok then the screen goes blank and it seems to have crashed!
    Even installing a new 80gb blank drive i cant boot from the disk. And i know the dvd drive works fine

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    You generally cannot boot one type of mac from the original CDs that came from another type of Mac. Only a retail box version of OS X will boot multible types of macs. Is that what you have?

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    Apr 13, 2005
    I am trying to use the osx disks that came with my mac mini. I tried to boot from my version of tiger though that came with my mini and also worked on my g5 imac

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