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    Upgrading the 2011 Mac mini

    I'm considering to buy a Mac mini in order to have a desktop Mac. Since I don't need the extra performance provided by the AMD HD 6630 graphics card, I'm looking into buying the cheaper Mac mini. If I do buy it, I'll surely upgrade the RAM as 2GB seems to be ridiculous. But my question is: is it possible to have the cheaper Mac mini upgraded with a second, SSD, drive?

    I own a MB Air (late 2010) as well as two Windows-based PCs fitted with solid state drives.

    I simply can't stand working with a machine that has its OS on an "old-fashioned" hard drive - too slow!

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    I checked the store but the option wasn't given. The cheapest way was Configure - Apple Store (U.S.)
    Others may have more insight.

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