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Thread: Intel iMac??

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    Intel iMac??
    it can't be too much longer now.

    you guys got any idea when the first intel iMac will be released??

    I am looking at an iMac G5, but you gotta think it can't be too much longer now before they lease that intel one.

    what's your take on that?

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    mid 06 but iMac may take until 07

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    I'd bet you won't see an Intel iMac until late 2006 early 2007 at the earliest. The first machines to be upgraded will probably be the Mini's, the PowerBooks, and the PowerMacs.
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    so i best dont get an ibook first?|Ugliness Shall Not Be Tolerated...

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    i think first to come out will be the macmini or emacs then the ibooks then pbs and powermacs and imacs
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    The laptop range is where the power boost is needed as the G4 chips are getting on a bit now and will start to lose out in comparision with PC laptops. G5 is fast and a good chip so will change later I would have thought.

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