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    Jul 08, 2011
    new iMac 2,5GHz i5 internet problem
    Hello, i'm Alexandre and i'm new here
    i have and iPad, a MacBook and 1 month ago i bought the new iMac and i was working great since yesterday.
    Now it have serious internet/WiFi problems.
    Happens very often that I can't surf, but the connection from airport and my router is ok. Simply don't surf. Sometimes do it very frequently, and sometimes I can work for several hours.
    I have to turn off and turn on the airport to return to work fine.
    All my other devices works correctly (iPhone, MacBook, iPad) but the iMac not.
    I tried to change the WiFi channel but the problem persist. I tryed to eliminate a WEP and WPA, but the problem persist. I tried to deactivate the DHCP and I assigned a static IP and DNS to my mac, tried to set up a new location but the problem persist.
    The WiFi signal is full.
    This is really annoying and i can't work.
    Can someone please help me?

    Thank you very much for the attention.


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    Jul 08, 2011
    anybody have an idea??
    i really need help

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