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    2011 imac - Vertex 3 ssd installing
    hey guys,

    i was just wondering that, would i be able to install the vertex 3 ssd into my 2011 imac?
    Would it fail the apple hardware test?

    What tools will be needed? (Excluding the tools that are needed for open up the imac)

    Since I have seen this video installing ssd from a service provider..... however i'm not in the states so yea....

    YouTube - ‪2011 iMac Upgrade: OCZ 120GB Vertex 3 SSD Setup, Overview & Benchmarks‬‏

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    You might try the iFixit: The free repair manual web site. I don't know if they have a step by step for the 2011 iMacs or not. However, they do sell tools which are needed to open up the machine. Basically all you need are the suckers to pull the glass, torx set of drivers, phillips set, and other simple tools that you probably already have.

    Are you replacing the hard drive in the iMac with the SSD or are you adding it as an additional drive? If you're replacing the original hard drive, I suggest you do some searching and reading before doing so. The original hard drives in the 2011 iMac series are proprietary and have special firmware. Replacing one with anything else can cause the hard drive fan to operate at full RPM and possibly void your warranty.

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