Is there a way to connect the older model mini to the new iMac 27"? I don't just want access to the files (booting it in target mode), I want to be able to navigate it so that I can set up iTunes to connect to Apple TV. Basically, I have a mini that's nearly useless to me since it can't do Hulu (need an intel mac for that) and I cant get it to show up on my tv, and I wanted to use it as a glorified external hard drive by storing my 400GB of movies on it (and freeing that space up on my iMac) and be able to access them on Apple TV. But to do that, I need to be able to set it up, move the movies over, and connect it to the network. I don't want to buy a monitor just to do that, so I was hoping I could somehow connect it to my iMac (or my MacBook Air, I'm not picky) and set it all up. But everything I see is for the newer mini, which has a mini DVI port. The older mini doesn't have one of those. So...any ideas? Thanks a ton!