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    I want an iMac, but I also want a SSD and cannot spend 2,000€ for both
    Hi everyone.

    I'm an owner of a White MacBook (I think early '09) and I'd like to upgrade to a desktop Mac, since I don't really have huge portability needs. I already own an iPhone and an iPad, so 99% of the times I'm out my needs are covered. In the other 1% I can borrow my current MacBook from my parents (they'll get it when I'll upgrade).

    So, everyone's talking about SSDs and how they are mind-blowing super-duper fast and game-changing. Since I'm going to buy an iMac, I took a look at the Apple site and saw that the cheapest option is the 1500€ iMac + 500€ SSD. I don't really have that much money, I can spend 1500€ total.

    So, I was thinking of buying a non-Apple SSD and install it in the iMac.

    1. Is this possibile?
    2. Is this possibile for someone that has almost never touched hardware in his life? (let's say I'm more expert on software, not a newbie)
    3. Is there any way to buy an "external" SSD and use it as an external hard-drive?

    Thank you. Keep in mind that my knowledge in SSDs and hardware is limited.

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    Just get the regular iMac with the 7200 rpm Hard drive. It's more than fast enough and you can save your €€ for when the offerings stabilize a bit and costs come down. No, it's not an easy upgrade to add an internal drive of any kind to the iMac - but then again - you'll probably find the iMac fast enough as is, but if not, it's doable, just not for the faint of heart.

    Yes - you can use an SSD externally - and by the end of the summer there should be Thunderbolt equipped SSDs available.

    Save your euros and get the fastest iMac you can afford and equip it with a 7200rpm drive.

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