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    Mac Pro 1.1 upgrade or New One?
    Hi guys, I'm rather new here but have been lurking these forums for years so I decided to join

    I have got a bit of problem.

    Recently my Mac Pro 1.1 2.66Ghz was knocked off the table, pretty much rendering the case destroyed(rivets popped etc) and the one memory riser cards slot cracked under the impact, HDD is has also failed.

    So my household insurance have checked the damage etc and asked me to get a quote for the cost of repairing it, thing is I live in South Africa so it's very expensive to even own a Mac here. I got the quote but they said it's not worth getting a new case, HDD and Logic Board and should just look at the new one.

    Thing is, the cost of fixing it and getting a new one is virtually the same but I can only get the Single Quad 2.8Ghz, I already have a 5870 which was used in my 1.1 so Gcard isn't an issue. HDD's are cheap and the main feature I liked about the 1.1 is the CPU Upgrade feature which I was just about to upgrade the processors in it to 2, 2.66Ghz Quads to make it a Octo core.

    Is it worth getting a new one or getting, basically a new 1.1 with the upgraded CPU? Is the Octo core faster than the single 2.8Ghz in the new ones?

    I'm so stuck as to what to do..

    Any help guys would make this frustrating situation a lot easier!


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    Honest to gosh, the Mac Pros are going to be getting a major upgrade soon. If possible, I'd hang on a bit:

    Apple docs point to 16-core Mac Pro with unannounced Xeons | Electronista

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    Depends on how deep the pockets are and amazed the Mac Pro could be on a table as they are that heavy. Have upgraded my Mac Pro to Quad Core with X5355 processors, SSD, ATI Radeon HD4870 etc., but that is not a cheap way to go. Saw a matched pair of X5355 2.66GHz CPU's yesterday for sale at AUD$650.00, about US$690.00, so if you can afford it wait for the new release.

    Suggest going back and getting that quote regardless of what repairer had to say. Insurance company will not cough up without a quote.
    Hang on to those original install discs like grim death! Using OS X.7 or later make a bootable USB thumb drive before running Installer!

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