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    Hi Guys

    Im looking for an internal 1tb HDD for my iMac 2010, im in the uk does anyone have a link to one either from Amazon UK, eBay Uk or any where else


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    you want this
    Western Digital Caviar 2TB SATAII 64MB Cache 3.5-inch Green Internal Hard Drive OEM: Computers & Accessories
    It's barely more expensive than 1TB. "Green" is quieter because it spins down + uses less power. "Black" = constantly spinning faster, but noisier. "Blue" is a useless compromise.

    I love my Caviar Greens (750M and 1TB).

    When you install, read all the steps VERY carefully. Basically I stick the thing in baby fresh and install from discs. But the formatting had some funny detail that was easy to miss and drove me nuts...sorry, I don't remember exactly what...

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