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    Cleaning a g5 powermac inside & out?
    Hi everyone, has anyone got some advice about cleaning a g5 powermac inside and out? would a hoover be ok for the inside? The exterior is pretty dusty and possibly a bit nicotine stained, what would be best to clean it?

    Failing that is it possible to buy just the outercasing for one of these macs?

    This one btw:

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    Moved to correct forum. Does not belong in the "Lounge" which is our off topic forum.

    As for cleaning your G5, I would not use a vacuum cleaner as the blower is too strong for the inside of a computer. Nor would I use it to suck out dust. It's best to buy several cans of compressed air and use them in conjunction with a small fine brush to blow the dust away.

    If you have a computer vacuum, they work real well to suck out dust and dirt. Be especially careful cleaning around the CPU and fans. The outside of the machine can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild detergent. If you're a smoker (reference to nicotine stains above) you might want to make your computing area a no smoking area.

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    Thanks for your help

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    Ive blown many a PC out with a yard blower with no ill effects...they had the contents of a dust bag in them. I cleaned my G5 from the thrift store ...out with a fine paint brush a little vacuum cleaner with a small crevasse tool.

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