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    Jun 04, 2011
    I'm really feeling stupid!
    I downloaded a couple of apps and have decided I don't like them. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to delete them.

    On the iPad you just hold down, they start to wiggle and you hit the x and voila' they are gone!!!!!!!


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    Tell us about the applications. Not MacProtector, MacDefender, MacSecurity etc I trust? Simply does not work dragging them to Trash.
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    Jun 04, 2011
    D/L'd Cloud, Solitaire, and MahjongFree. Dragging to trash didn't work.

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    Jun 18, 2011
    You can always try Appcleaner from Freemacsoft.

    It is great when you can't remove some of the more stubborn apps that don't like to be put in the Trash.

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    If you still have the disk images or don't mind downloading them again check to see if the apps have their own uninstall commands. In some cases the installer will have put them in the same folder as the rest fo the program.
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    Jun 04, 2011
    Figured it out thanks to everyone. I went into the "finder" highlighted and then clicked on file, and move to trash! It worked, thanks to everyone.

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