Hi, I'm Nick. New to the "real" Mac world, and glad to be in it. I'm now the proud owner of a G5 tower, haha. got it for 30 bucks from my cousin, who ordered a brand new mac pro BTO with ALL, and i mean ALL, the bells and whistles. his bill was over 8 grand. (dual Xeons, Dual 5870s, more ram than i would know what to do with, (OVER 16GB)... yada yada u get the idea... silly gamers.)

ANYWAYS, he told me if i could fix his G5 tower, i could have it for 30 bucks. so i replaced the logic board battery, took out the ram and reinstalled it, took out video card and reinstalled it (was NOT fun once so ever, i have gorilla hands) and cleaned all the fans, and it fired right up. has been running flawlessly, and QUIET. im coming from an overclocked AMD hackintosh, so this thing is SILENT to me, hahaha. though i did get those fans to really wind up when i ran the apple diagnostics disk on it.

sorry for rambling. even though I added 4GB of the memory from my hackintosh to it, (2x2GB DDR2-800MHz, its running FINE, running circles around AMD) its a bit lacking in the video card department. I mean, lets face it, a 6600LE? its a joke. I know the hackintosh tricks to get video cards working in OSX won't work with open firmware... netkas nVidia injectors, yada yada yada.

My question is this: what is the best PC video card I could run with this thing?

I'd LOVE to run my hackintosh's video card in it, but its running via EFI emulation, plus this is 10.5.8 and my hackie is 10.6.7. I asked this over on apple support communities, and the expert on flashing over there, said the best video card i could ever hope to run is a geforce 7800.
HOWEVER... I noticed on mac rumors today, a guy asking about running the sims on his quad 2.7G5, running.... a flashed 9600GT. he is no longer active on the forum though, so i cannot ask him where he came across that card, or how he flashed it, or anything.

Does anyone here have any advice on video cards? Keep in mind I have 2 spare video cards laying around that I would think could work, but I could be wrong, its happened before. a PCI-E Geforce 7900GS 256MB, and a PCI-E Radeon HD 3650. I highly doubt the radeon would have any kind of old-world support, but the 7900 just might. i hope.

Thanks to everyone!!
oh, and its a late 2005 G5, air cooled. (thank god its not liquid cooled, i dont like liquid cooling)