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    Graphics card upgrade question for Mac Pro:
    I have a Mac Pro, 2006 model, I think? I bought it in 2007. It is a 2x 2.66 dual core Intel Xeon. Right now it has an NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT graphic card. I want to upgrade the Graphics Card. I mostly run photoshop for retouching and compositing, but often with very large files with many layers. This card just isn't cutting it anymore for CS5 and I've had a lot of problems with text, despite doing everything I can to maximize the performance according to Adobe troubleshooting. I don't know that much about graphics cards. What would you recommend for this model Mac Pro and photoshop? Money is a little tight right now, so price is a consideration, but I can spend what is needed to get good performance. I am a professional and I need good equipment.

    I should add, that I am currently use an old 23" cinema ADC cinema display with an DVI to ADC adapter. I have a second monitor with the same configuration. I would love to be able to hook them both up at once, but I can do without if necessary.

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    Give this thread a read:

    ...especially the 2nd half.


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    The adapter may be a bottleneck. Had similar problems slow boot times, unable to boot from disc etc so purchased a BenQ 22" LED. Sadly the day of ADC is long gone.

    For your needs can recommend the ATI Radeon HD4870 1GB card, which is a flashed PC card. Have a look on eBay for such. Can also recommend local338 dealer from Hong Kong purchased card, PCI equipment from them many times. Next choice would be a slower nVidia GeForce 8800GT which must be for 1st Generation Mac Pros. There are two versions.
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