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    Question iMac HDD upgrade
    hello , i am planning on buying the 999 iMac and was wondering if i ever needed to upgrade my harddrive from 500gb to 1TB would it be possible or not?
    and do the apple store upgrade it for you ?

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    iMacs since 2006 have become more of a NON-DIY, not as easy as removing the back cover housing on the G5. You can do the upgrade yourself if you are tech savvy and have the right environment/work space with the proper tools. As well, yes apple can upgrade for you but to much$$$$. If you are buying new/refurbed from apple it will be accompanied by warranty and you will need to purchase upgrade prior or have apple upgrade for you, as DIY may void the warranty.

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    The new iMac models use special proprietary hard drives designed specifically for Apple. Upgrading the hard drive on an iMac yourself will void your warranty. If you wish to have a larger hard drive, order the upgradeable model of the iMac. The least expensive model is not upgradeable.

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