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    Anyway to get around a broken bluetooth reciever ?

    I have an iMac (OSX 10.6.7). I used to use a magic mouse. However about a year ago the connection between the magic mouse and the computer started to go on the blink. Before it went completely I saw a lot of small ants entering and exiting the small grill at the back of the computer. I sprayed the grill and killed them off but I guess they destroyed the bluetooth receiver inside my computer because I haven't been able to use any bluetooth peripherals since.

    Now I live in a remote part of Thailand and any possibility of repair means I will loose my computer for about three months. (They haven't really figured out the logistics of repairing Macs out here).

    I would really like to get a Magic Trackpad once the Lion operating system comes out, I want to manipulate my photo's the same way that I can on my ipad. Does anyone supply a non-bluetooth Magic Trackpad (i.e. one that connects via a USB connection) ? Or is it possible to get a dongle that I can stick into a USB port ? This dongle would receive the bluetooth signal from the Magic Trackpad. Or can anybody think of another way around my problem ?

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    I think you pretty much solved your own problem. I'd look at something like this IOGEAR USB 2.1 Bluetooth Micro Adapter GBU421: Electronics

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    I have used two different USB dongles on my Mac Pro. I managed to find a couple that do not require drivers. The only issue I have had is once in a while I gave to disconnect the dongle from the powered USB hub, wait a few seconds, and reconnect. It is not common and I go months without having to do this.
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    Thanks Brian and Slydude.

    I will go ahead and buy some dongles.

    All the best ...

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