So, I recently received a white (not aluminum) iMac. I believe it's from 2006. I got it for free from a family member because the Hard Drive died, and she wanted an excuse to purchase a new iMac. When I got it, the Hard Drive was working fine up until last week when I received the white screen and flashing folder.

I was wondering what you guys would recommend in terms of size, speed, and brand name. I'm planning on installing the drive myself (and probably upgrading the RAM whilst inside.)

I was thinking about a 1 or 2 TB drive, though I've read (albeit on the internet) that I shouldn't go over 500gb in an iMac.

I suspect that the last HD failed because of an overheating issue. Is it likely that a separate issue caused the HD to go bad?

I apologize in advance for any n00bly mistakes I have made. Thanks!