G5 and G4 each has itís own printer. Before today, both printers worked, however G5 could not print from G4ís printer, but G4 could print from G5ís printer.

G5 has an Epson Artisan 725 and G4 has and Epson Stylus Photo R280.

Sharing is turned on both G5 and G4.

G4 will print on G5ís printer, but now it wonít print on itís own printer.

G5 can print on itís own printer, but can not print off of G4ís printer.

I know this is a simple task, sharing, but I have worked at this all day and have no idea why G5 canít print from G4ís printer and couldnít even before G4ís printer decided to not work.

Each computer is USB driven.

G4 does not have an Ethernet female plug in.

G5 does have an Ethernet female plug in and it is connected to the internet. (no idea if this is important.)

Please, help this lady out, installed both printers' drivers onto each other and uninstalled, numerous times, ending with each Mac having both sets of drivers. Installs were pretty normal. Hair is turning grayer!!! I am going nuts.

Oh, dear! Tried to delete this, as I think I'm in the wrong pew, but couldn't. It's both hardware and software.

BTW. both Macs are using Tiger same everything.