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    Jun 02, 2011
    Exclamation Stuck at apple screen. Detailed info inside!
    My 27" 2010 iMac will not boot... Gets stuck at the apple screen. This is what it says in verbose mode.

    I've already flashed the p-ram. Booted in safe mode. Unplugged all USB peripherals. And basic trouble shooting ****... I'm in disk utility now verifying my permissions. Any thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    Is it still under the 1 year warranty? If it is, I would take it to your local apple repair store and just have them either fix it or replace it, and guess what, its free of charge You bought an apple which means you don't have to actually fix it yourself, unless its not under warranty anymore.
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    disk0s2 I/O Error = most likely a failed hard drive. I/O errors mean the drive can't read or write data properly. Kat's right, if it's under warranty, it's a pain, but it's covered.

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