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    20" 2Ghz iMac w/ glossy screen
    iMac display sporadic freezing
    My iMac is the first generation of the aluminum macs that were released in late 2007 and I have recently encountered a problem with screen glitching and spontaneous freezing. Sometimes the screen turns white, sometimes the display shows colorful static, sometimes it freezes finder and all I can do is move the pointer. When the freeze lets me still move the pointer, the pointer reverts to the position in which the pointer was when the screen froze after a few seconds of moving.
    Sometimes I notice display glitches like the icons have pixels where the color is wrong. Also the audio usually continues playing, but I cannot force quit anything or relaunch finder (since nothing is accessible). Can someone please help me find a solution to this problem? Running snow leopard, non-apple 4GB 667MHz RAM.

    Here are a couple of pictures I have gotten of the weird display problems:

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    Well, from the guess of things, I would say this is a software fault, rather than hardware. I say this because, even when it freezes finder, you can still move the pointer.

    Go to system preferences and lower the resolution under "Display". Choose the resolution and select one with the lowest frequency (normally 60 Hz). Click "Color" and "Calibrate". Follow the instructions there.

    If this doesn't work, back up all your work to another computer or multiple memory sticks, and consider reinstalling the OS.

    Also, how long have you had the RAM sticks? You say they are non-apple? Normally I wouldn't think this would have any effect over display, but you never know. Anyway, try what I wrote and see what it results in.

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