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    WiFi Connection Issue
    Hey guys, wonder if anyone can help...

    I've got an Intel iMac, and I have a wireless network at home. It is password protected and I have (supposedly) stored the password in my keychain. However, when I turn the iMac on, or restart it, it never automatically connects to my network, instead choosing to connect to next door's unprotected network, which I don't want to be connected to. And then every time I select my network from the list, it keeps asking for my password, despite it being in the keychain.

    It's no biggy I guess, but it is getting rather annoying, and if anyone knows a way to stop it doing this, or to make it ignore certain networks, that would be great.



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    Go into system preferences - network - click on your airport device in the left pane then click advanced.

    You'll see a list of networks your Mac has connected to and buttons to add/remove and change priority.
    Remove/forget your network.

    Use the airport icon on the system bar to connect to your network, entering the password.

    Back in the network preferences you should see your network and your neighbours.

    As next doors is unsecured, don't remove it altogether (as it may be detected and joined again). Just make sure that yours is at the top of the list.

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