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    Backup strategy for 2TB iMac
    Hi Guys,

    I get my 2TB imac next week and I want to look at the best way of backing it up.

    I need to mirror the 2TB boot drive but I would also like to be able to boot off the backup drive if needed.

    I have been looking at WD 4TB desktop which is made up of 2 x 2TB drives. Could I use one as a backup drive and the other as a staging area for files?

    Any opinions on the best way to backup my data would be much appreciated.


    Tom Mcguire

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    OK, I know it is 2TB, not 2 GB but I couldn't see how to edit the title after I saved it.

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    Yes, you could use 2TB for one purpose and 2TB for another if you were to get that WD drive.
    I would recommend a Time Machine backup for regular day-to-day backups.
    And a separate bootable backup either using SuperDuper! or Carbon Copy Clone. Both free and easy to use.
    Note: neither of those are for temporarily holding files that you are using such as photos/videos from a project in progress. That would be a 3rd partition. You can partition that external drive as many times as needed using Disk Utility on your iMac. Really easy.
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    Reminder: Please include your Mac's specs. This will make it much easier for the other members to assist you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by torrit View Post
    OK, I know it is 2TB, not 2 GB but I couldn't see how to edit the title after I saved it.
    Edited for you. (Ask a moderator to edit the title.)

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    I use time machine to an external drive for local backups and Carbonite for offsite backups.

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    Likewise, I use TM as the hourly Back Up - essential to have TM no matter what else you do, in my view.

    I use SuperDuper! on to another EHD. In my case, I partition the EHD and my SSD goes onto one and my IHD onto the other.

    I also regularly backup crucial material onto a third EHD.

    I use Dropbox, not only as a sync between my two Macs, but also as an online storage.

    If you use Aperture at all, there is the option of backing your library onto a "Vault" which is just another EHD.

    If you care about what is in your Mac, you have to be a bit obsessive about backing up - just my opinion.


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