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Thread: External HDD questions

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    External HDD questions
    A few months ago I bought a 2TB external HDD for my 2007 aluminum iMac. My intentions for this HDD seemed simple - I wanted to keep my music on the external HDD and have my iTunes pull it from the external HDD as it was being played. I installed the HDD, and I moved my music over. I some how went about doing it the wrong way because iTunes could no longer find any of the music - even when I was trying to open the mp3s from the right HDD.

    I ended up moving all of the music back and returning the HDD.. this resulted in some how creating doubles of certain (not all) mp3s.

    Today I noticed I have about 20GB left until my internal HDD is full. I need to get an HDD but I am confused about how to move the music over and afraid of wasting $100.. Any help?

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    Read through this article which shows how to move your iTunes library. Additionally, Apple has basically the same instructions for doing so in their knowledge base articles.

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    Hi Noonan

    You could also read this Apple Support article on exactly the same thing - how to move your iTunes folder.

    iTunes for Mac: Moving your iTunes Media folder


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