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    Advise on config...
    hi, i would like your advise on a config, i am not sure what to buy.

    i am considering to by the following
    Apple 21,5 insch iMac 2,5GHz Quad-Core i5 4GB 1333Mhz
    Apple Mac Mini 2.4-GHz 2GB geheugen 320 HD
    Airport Extreme Base Station 802,11n

    Because we need a new computer and i would like to have a mediacenter to connect to my TV. As well i need a 2.1 or 5.1 as output device. I know, its a lot, but sold last year all my stuff and would like to invest for the next years.

    Why this config?
    preferably a Mac-solution, works together and is all placed in livingroom / Full-HD / connected to homenetwork; would like to download movies/musicetc.. and watch on TV / all extension to play.

    What would be your advise on config?

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    The Mac Mini is an excellent platform to use as a media station and it's inexpensive. Of course you would have to add your own display and keyboard\mouse but those can be purchased separately. Shop around.

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