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cmcgrogan 05-22-2011 06:52 PM

Power Mac G5 Turns on doesnt chime
i just bought a power mac g5 that didnt turn on. i put a new fuse in the power supply and boom it comes on but it doesnt chime or show any video. as of now it just turns on and sits there. when i take the ram out, it beeps and the fans spin as fast as possible. this is a dual core 2.0 ghz power pc model. i have tested both ddr2 400 and ddr2 533 ram and neither give me a response. the ddr2 400 isnt the correct memory and i get two beeps, two led flashes and the fans. i have swapped the video cards and nothing. im assuming it needs a logic board correct. i did all of the simple stuff like take out the pram battery, pushed the reset, let it sit, swapped out all different hardware. anything else to try?

harryb2448 05-22-2011 08:31 PM

G'day and welcome to the forums.

If it is a Dual Core the correct memory is PC4200 and here are the specs:-

OWC OWC42DDR2PAIR2G 2.0GB Matched Pair (1GB modules... in stock at OWC

Memory is very important to G5 and it is a must to have Mac compatible low density memory mounted in matched pairs, and not cheaper, high density PC memory. If that is what you are using sounds like a faulty logic board. If you have the original system discs, try and boot from disc one and run Apple Hardware Test.

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