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Thread: Lifelong PC Guy Considering An iMac - Need Advice

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    The site you refer to is NOT "certified" (whatever that means, Apple doesn't "certify" sellers), and might be a good place to get an OLD Mac Pro but they do not sell any recent models.

    Also, processors in the Mac Pros are not upgradable. Video cards MAY be, depending on model. You can't just bung in any old PC model card, they won't work.

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    I was also a PC user for many years (~15). iMacs are now finally powerfull enough for me with i7 and SSD.

    I expected to install windows to run stuff I would miss, but never have! I absolutely love my iMac i7. I do most my gaming on my Xbox360, but do like my RTS game with a mouse.

    I bought Starcraft II when I had a PC and lucky for me all new blizzard games are made for both PC and Mac. To my surprise it runs quite well in full 2550x1440 full detail on my iMac. You can install Windows 7 and likely get slightly better performance.
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    Also as an alternative, if you do get the 27 inch iMac, there is a mini display input port on the back of the computer. So you can actually buy a gaming rig and connect it to your iMac for gaming, than use the mac side for actual business or casual websurfing. I know a few people that do that but thats alot of cash. Its really easy to switch back and forth and its the best alternative for having the best of both worlds. Mine actually doubles as a tv in the bedroom as well since I have a apple remote and just watch shows(can turn up volume and turn down, switch movies, play/pause, pretty much everything). So hence why I bought it as a gaming rig/media awesomeness. And yes, I fix PC computers for a living lol.
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