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    Two Challenges when I upgraded to a 2011 Mac Mini
    Any advice would be great on my two troubling issues. I upgraded from a Mac Mini 2009 to a 2011 model. (4gb RAM) I haven't noticed much difference in speed, but I am having some odd quirks.

    1. I have my TV to the HDMI Port and my Monitor to the Mini DisplayPort. I do not have them mirrored as that was problematic for the resolution on my monitor. At lease once a day, while the TV is off, I get some major flickering on my monitor screen. I usually shut my monitor off, wait a minute and it is fine again. What could this be?

    2. Since moving to the new mac I am now on my second Mac Keyboard and both of them are having the same problem. It is as if key strokes get missed. Words I type miss letters and I am constantly back spacing and fixing things. Funny enough in this isn't happening. But pretty much everywhere else. Same problem on both keyboards. Any ideas?

    Thanks for reading.

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