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    hey guys! i have had my new 2011 iMac for about a week (wonderful purchase) and i have it connected to a lcd 24" monitor i bought a few months ago (dual screen setup), but compared to the LED iMac display it looks muddy and dull and dim and its also bigger and it irritates me, so heres my question. what is the closest display i can buy that would match my iMac, and no 27" cinema displays. im looking for size and image quality. i found a 21.5" dell LED monitor but i dont know if it will suffice. i thought dell and apple used the same technology in their monitors? Any thoughts?

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    It's difficult to find an external monitor which can compare to the brightness and clarity of the Mac displays, especially the new ones like your 21.5" iMac.

    The Dell monitors are good quality, but without trying one next to yours you won't really know if it will suffice. LED backlighted monitors that are of high quality are not going to be inexpensive. Yes, the Apple cinema display is a work of beauty but at $999 it's a bit out of reach for most folks.

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