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    17" 5G Imac isight replacement question
    Hello all and this is my first time posting here and this is my first imac ever and hoping you guys could help me with my problem. I just got a used 17" 5g imac with isight and i think i need to replace the monitor since i see difference horizontal line with different color. my question is do i have to buy a lcd replacement with isight since all the site i have been show 3 different version which is the regular monitor with bracket " Apple LCD Display Panel for iMac G5 17" with Brackets 661-3598
    ", the lcd with ambient light " Apple LCD Display Panel for iMac G5 17" Ambient Light Sensor 661-3626 " and the one with the isight " Apple LCD Display Panel for iMac G5 17" iSight 661-3789 ". could i just buy the regular lcd which is the first one from my list since the camera is still working and just replace the lcd. what are the difference between all 3? i even spoke to a apple tech and he was suprice they have 3 different one and he said i could just by the regular lcd and replace the one i have on my imac with isight. please confirm and advice on what i should do.... thank you in advance.

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    It all depends on which model you have. The first display is for the imac G5 that has no isight and is not a ALS model. The second is for the ALS model where when its in sleep mode, you see a ambient light go on and off. The third is for the model that has the built in webcam, which sounds like the one you have. They should all be pretty much the same price, as to what the huge difference is, I have no idea, but its always better to get the one more specific to your model than take an off chance. You can also try to verify
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    Thank you

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