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    May 17, 2011
    Unhappy IMac 27, SD stuck in DVD drive.
    SD card inserted into CD slot on my IMac 27

    Any suggestions about safe retrieval other than a return to Apple.

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    Your post was moved to the correct forum as it does not belong in "Running Windows.......". Please read forum descriptions and Sticky notices in each forum before posting. Thanks.

    As to your problem: Try tilting your iMac on its side with the DVD slot facing downward and held open. Then, activate the eject button several times. In order to do that, you're going to need the help of another person. Don't attempt to do it by yourself. The SD card should eventually come out. Just be careful not to do any more damage by dropping or mishandling the machine.

    (It's 30 LBs and quite heavy to hold up.)

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    If there is a cd in there already, I would say perhaps you could eject the cd, and have that push out the sd card. Other than that, you could find a computer repair store that does apple repairs. As long as they have a apple certified technician, he can remove the screen and probably get the sd card out without sending it to apple. Its more of a local choice which is faster. You could do it yourself, but that would require you to remove the glass screen and not to sure if your comfortable with that. One thought is to turn the machine off, get a ruler and gently go from top to bottom and see if you can pull it out.
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    Tilt the computer on it's side or take the screen off, those iMacs are very heavy though so be careful.

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