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MitraMoreno 05-17-2011 02:44 PM

iMac G4 won't startup properly
When we startup our old desktop iMac G4 it "pings", proceeds to grey startup screen with apple and spinning wheel, then begins running script that reads as follows:

May 17 18:37:10 init: can't ecec /bin/sh for single user : No such file or directory
May 17 18:37:10 init: can't ecec /bin/sh for single user : No such file or directory
May 17 18:37:40 init: can't exec /bin/sh for /etc/rc: No such file or directory

And continues to repeat itself. I try using shift to startup in safe mode, but it still starts up this way. When I ran the single user mode, the command script appeared, but entering the fsck didn't do anything. And I would run disckwarrior but I can't get the disck drive to open. (no little button inside to get it to open.) What do I do next?

A little more info:
the computer is old and has been getting slower and slower and more and more glitchy, but has always started up and worked. our iPod was "lost" in it a long time ago, but no real issues beyond that. I appreciate any help anyone can offer! Thanks.


louishen 05-17-2011 03:08 PM

Sound like the disk structure is going south, or those hidden directories are missing.

Have you got the restore disks for that old G4

If so start up from the restore disk (press C on startup with the disk in)

When the install screen comes up, go up to the menu bar and select Utilities > Disk Utility

Run a disk repair from there and see of it finds any problems with the G4's disk

MitraMoreno 05-19-2011 12:18 PM

I would do that, the problem is I can't get the disc drive to open. So it doesn't matter what discs I have to boot from bcs I can't get them in there! :-/ Any other ideas?


Housekat 05-19-2011 07:39 PM

Well, perhaps a external cd-drive, no idea if it will work or not. If it does work, at least you will be able to boot off of a cd. If your drive does work and it doesn't want to eject, you could manually take it apart, set a cd in there and put it back together...

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