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    Biggest PROBLEM EVER!!!
    so recently i was trying to reset my password for admin i went into single mode (cmd+s) and i typed sbin/mount -uw it said it was journaled so then i forced it i forgot how but i did it was about a week ago. then it would start up it was stuck on startup screen with apple logo and spinning wheel it kept on restarting then i put the mac osx disk in and nothing hapened then the fans turned on it was pretty loud and dust was evrywhere. alrite after the fans stopped it took me into the start up process, i reinstalled 10.5.8 archive and install. Alrite evrything worked perfectly until the end after finished it said tht it couldnt transfer into a new user and tht it would be found in previous systems or something smilar. Then i rebooted and nothing happened it just took me back to the installation process. I went to startup disk and it showed only the disk and network thing. where is the setup assistant? little help would be nice and greatly appreciated i was going to send it to apple but warranty expired and thought i'll give it another go by askng u guyz and options
    PS. i tried doing fsck it said evryhting was ok so like i'm guessing problem lies with the startup disk

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    I'm sorry, but I cannot make head nor tail of what you're saying, please rewrite it in legible English if you want people here to try to help you.

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    And leave Terminal alone as it seems you know nothing about it. And as andyman said try English.
    Hang on to those original install discs like grim death! Using OS X.7 or later make a bootable USB thumb drive before running Installer!

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    PSexaggeratinginyourtopiclinewontgetyouabetterorfa sterresponse

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    att leste hee spelt the thred tittle rite
    Live each day as it comes - it may be your last !?

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    Take a look at this Apple KB article: It explains how to reset your password for an account or login: LINK

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    Format the hard drive and re-reinstall. If you need to save anything get it with target disk mode or boot up linux and pull stuff to an external.

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