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    May 10, 2011
    Possible to flash a HP Quadro Video to Imac 24"?
    I have a Nvidia Quadro fx3600 MXM board, which has the same pin arrangement as the Geforce in the Imac A1225. Is it possible to flash this or another card with compatible pin arrangements to work in the Imac. Apple is so good at limiting the field of available components, but they do allow some wiggle room in the MB325LL logic board. Since the Geforce is prone to failure in about a year, and Apple won't correct the problem in house, why can't a cooler running card be substituted in the system?

    I am working on a Nov 2008 Imac, which has gone through two logic/video card replacements. Each is about a year apart. Now, in April 2011, the system has a bad video card and Apple won't address it. They explain you can buy the extended care. Why should you have to buy the care if the system is flawed? I don't get it.
    Anyway, I would like to replace the video card with a more reliable one, but Apple hasn't made that easy.

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    May 10, 2011
    To Simplify, What Video Cards are Compatible?
    I guess I rambled a bit.
    What video cards are compatible with the MB325LL (2008 24" Imac)? Other than the Nvidia Geforce (over heating) and the ATI 2600, what is available to flash the mac-rom on?

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