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solywoda 05-10-2011 08:09 PM

Early 2008 24" Imac Video Card Upgrade
After two replacement video cards and logic boards, I'm thinking there is a problem with the heat removal in the Imac. I'm probably wrong...In any case, the diagnostics show the video card is fried, so I'm now looking for a replacement that is as fast as the Nvidia FX3600 and does produce less heat than the Nvidia factory replacement
I have found several boards which will match the Mac layout, but I assume the PC bios will need to be flashed.
With that said, Apple should have a list of video cards and there power usage vs their performance. I sure can't find it.
On another note, my investigations have found the Nvidia Model P398 used in HP's and IBM's and other lesser known laptops. They don't seem to have the problems plaguing the 2008 Imacs. Same video card and less heat.

chscag 05-10-2011 08:17 PM

Welcome to the Mac Forums.

Which Mac do you have? You mention iMac above but then talk about replacing the video card with another of a different type. It sounds like you're referring to a Mac Pro?

Also, flashing the video card BIOS or firmware seldom works when attempting to use a PC video card in a Mac. The instruction set is different.

solywoda 05-10-2011 10:39 PM

Imac A1225 Video Card Upgrade
To be honest, I'm testing new territory with the Mac-rom Bios switch. From what I can gather, the Nvidia Geforce 88000 GS card will accept the Mac change. The card is identical to Mac and PC, so the software should be the only hangup. I am doing this to prove a point. If the Bios can be flashed to Mac, I will figure that out. I plan on using a USB video adapter and setting up the Bios with Nvflash followed by mac-rom, which should accomplish the task. The Nvidia boards are pretty much generic for all platforms with only the Bios being the difference.
The problem is how advanced of a card will the 2008 Imac 24" 2.8gig (MB325LL/A) take? Apple will never venture into the philosophy of PC's. It is forbidden to allow after market or tailored boards to enter their frames. If I can overcome the Apple Bios, then the fun will begin on finding the fastest and coolest running card for the Imac. Nothing gained, but then nothing lost.

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