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    Brand new iMac shuts down
    I purchased a brand new iMac 21" last Tuesday and it is already having problems. They told me to uninstall Growl over the phone but the problem persists so I'm taking it into the store. I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing similar?

    Once shut down randomly, I cannot power it back on unless I unplug it and then plug it back in. It will then start up but after a few minutes of operation (sometimes after just 20 sec or so) it just shuts back off. Kind of ludicrous for a brand new machine.

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    That sounds like a hardware issue. Take it into Apple and let us know what they end up doing. That is not normal at all.

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    It's rather silly to throw terms like "ludicrous" around when speaking of electronics. It comes with the territory. Nothing is perfect, even Apple products. It happens from time to time and Apple is always more than willing to make it right.
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    Sorry for the vocab. I was pretty frustrated that this could happen after just 5 days. Indeed, the Apple store (good luck if you don't live near one) said it was the very first machine returned and that they'd be sending it to Cupertino for dissection. They booted it to a network and it kept dying so I got a new one today. They may be more than willing to make things right, but let's not discount the hassle and the migration I'll have to go through again. Let's hope this one last more than 5 days.

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