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Thread: Mac Mini Intel 1.66 - not starting up

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    Mac Mini Intel 1.66 - not starting up

    - Kernal Panic (diagnosed by Apple store cooked HDD) so replaced HD with 250gig SATA 2.5.
    - It seemed to start up ok, but when the screen asked where to install the OS and hard drive wasn't visible.
    - Couldn't eject disc.
    - Removed optical drive and retrieved disc.
    - Attempted start up and machine would make right noises then turn itself off, on, off, on constantly until power cut off.
    - Took cover off checked everything plugged in, seemed ok
    - Attempted start up, only LED lit up and fan moving, nothing else, no screen no normal start up noises

    I need some pointers if anyone can help out would be appreciated, cheers

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    Sounds like a logic board issue. But have you tried replacing the memory or plugging only 1 stick in at a time, alternating sockets? Along the same line, try swapping out the memory with different sticks if you have any. It's a long shot but worth trying.

    Also, did you swap out the CPU recently?
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    yet the logic board is no good, I didn't earth myself to machine first that must have caused the problem, live and learn i guess!

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