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    iMac WiFi Issues
    I'm having some pretty serious wifi issues on my iMac. It randomly disconnects by itself, and the problem isn't the router as other Macs in the house are fine… What should I do? Replace the Airport card? Buy a usb wifi key? Or take it to a Mac Genius? The computer is circa 2008, no warranty at all… Sorry if this problem has been addressed in the passed!

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    Are you using any kind of encryption from your router to the iMac? If you are, try turning it off as an experiment to see if the connection improves.

    Also, I suggest running an ethernet cable from the router to your iMac to make sure there aren't any other troubles that might be impacting on the connection.

    To test your Airport card, you will need your original install DVD set to run the Apple Hardware Test. See the following LINK to learn how.

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    Just tested the computer and it said no hardware errors found…
    I do have an encryption on the router, but another iMac in the same house is running just find on the internet… Is there maybe a setting on the computer that would effect this?

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    How far from the router is your iMac? How strong is the WiFi signal on the imac? There is a gauge in the bar up top by the clock.
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    Not that far, about 3 rooms down the hall… When connected I'm one bar away from perfect…
    Basically, the internet works, for like 5 web pages, then disconnects… I then have to go to diagnostics and reset the connection… Pretty weird, right?

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    My guess is either the Airport card in the iMac is defective or the Airport slot itself is defective. I'd take it to Apple.

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