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Thread: Crucial Memory Upgrade Praise

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    Crucial Memory Upgrade Praise
    Just wanted to record the excellent service I have just received from Crucial (UK). I ordered 4GB memory on Monday afternoon, a Bank Holiday here in the UK. Crucial confirmed order on Tuesday and it was delivered (free) today, Wednesday morning. Great service, replacement was dead easy and iMac is working like a dream.

    The memory from Apple would have cost 160. It was less than 50 from Crucial. I guess all readers here already knew that but still worth repeating I think.
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    Cool. Rule #1 when buying a new Mac, spend your $$$ on processing speed, and don't buy RAM from Apple (unless it's an Air)!
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    I, too, love Crucial. Got new memory quickly, easily and for a lot less. Sent to me here in Afghanistan and easy installation. A+++

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    Quote Originally Posted by 50voltphantom View Post
    Cool. Rule #1 when buying a new Mac, spend your $$$ on processing speed, and don't buy RAM from Apple (unless it's an Air)!
    NOT the advice I was given 2 years ago when I was about to enter the Wonderful World of Macs !

    A friend who had become a dedicated Mac user - advised me to ignore he extra dosh for the 'faster processors' - and to just make sure I always went for the 4gb RAM

    And - on the evidence of my 4 Macs - and soon to be 5 - he was right !!

    They all - FLY !!

    What do you base your assumption / presumption on ?
    Live each day as it comes - it may be your last !?

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